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A house built by using Soil-cement interlocking bricks and roofed by using Fibre Reinforced Tiles at Mikocheni in Dar es Salaam

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Miyuji housing project

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Machine on ejection position

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Tanzania like other developing countries has been facing shortage of quality and adequate housing for decades. Both pre and post independence governments realized the housing problems and the urgency to solve it.

Several efforts were undertaken in order to deal with the problem. It was thought that the lasting solution to solve this was to create institutions that would be responsible for housing and human settlements in general, training in the housing sector, in order to increase and improve the housing stock and quality. As the problem persists, the government decided to restructure the then Building Research Unit into semi autonomous agency, now the National Housing and Building Research Agency (NHBRA) with some certain flexibilities so as to operate commercially.

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Products and Services of NHBRA


Some of products produced at NHRBA

  • Interlocking press machines
  • Tile vibrators
  • Tile moulds
  • Interlocking bricks
  • Fiber reinforced concrete tiles
  • Publications on research findings
  • Building type designs
  • Concrete desks


Some of services offered at NHBRA.

  • Research on building materials
  • Laboratory tests on building materials
  • Consultancy, constructions and Project supervision
  • Conducting sensitization and practical training seminars
  • Conducting socio-economic surveys
  • Building design and costing
  • Building type designs
  • Production of building materials


Objectives of NHBRA are

  • To conduct research on building materials and technologies applied
  • To ensure that research results and technical information on Human Settlement are made available to all those who need them
  • To promote the production and use of local and affordable building materials
  • To demonstrate the use of local building materials
  • To promote affordable and durable local building materials, associated technologies and appropriate housing construction techniques
  • To provide building research consultancy services

Completed Projects


National Housing & Building Research Agency (NHBRA), Phone : +255222771971, Mobile : +255762462081, FAX : +255222774003
  • Address: National Housing & Building Research Agency,NHBRA
    Po Box 1964
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